Tree Stump Removal Remedy

Tree Stump Removal Howto

tree stump removal

Removing Tree stumps is a pain in the butt? Get rid of tree stumps by using pure Epsom salts.
Here’s how:
1.Drill holes in the stump with a carpenters drill
2. Fill with Epsom salts
3. Fill with plain tap water

Now sit back and watch as the MAGIC happens. May take a month or two.

The below video shows another way without the drilling..

Epsom salts are commonly found in home footbaths, but this helpful mixture has plenty of uses beyond the household shower room. It has been used in gardening as a soil conditioner for some time, but in stronger doses also has the ability to rid you of nuisance plants and tree stumps.

By simply mixing Epsom salts with water, you can kill a persistent tree stump that continues to grow well beyond its welcome.

Tree Stump Removal