Plants That Grow on Rocks Without Soil

12 Beautiful Plants that grow on rocks to liven your landscape

1. Arabis
2. Festuca glauca
3. Creeping phlox
4. Stonecrop
5. Coral bells
6. Breckland thyme
7. Phlox
8. Evergreen candytufy
9. Snow-in-summer
10. Pulsatilla vulgaris
11. Sea thrift
12. Tickseed

Examples of plants that grow without soil

Growing  Plants That Grow On Rocks Without Soil

There are several different types of plants that grow on rocks, alder, juniper, and Pinus. All these plants have bark, which adds texture and color to your soil. Most plants that grow on rocks are shade tolerant and don’t need much maintenance. These plants are perfect for the person who doesn’t live near the ocean or has to move around a lot because of their job.

The plants can be a beautiful centerpiece in the landscape. They will create a focal point with their colors. Choose plants that add texture like sand or gravel. Sand makes a nice backdrop against which to place the plants. Gravel gives a more interesting appearance. Junipers and Pines are good plants to use in the landscape as they can stand very long.

Do not let the plants get too tall. Landscaping plants should be as low to the ground as possible. This will keep them from competing with each other for nutrients. Plant them so that they are in groups, with some in the front and others behind. A group of four by four feet is an effective size for planting.

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Caring for Your Plants

Most plants that grow on rocks will require a bit more attention than plants that grow on a sidewalk or in a bed. Rocks are different and require different things. Rocks are loose and move a lot. Plants that grow on rocks need to be watered often, but don’t drown. If you do accidentally drown your plant, it is better to try to get it back up before the soil turns dark.

Plants that grow on rocks should be checked regularly to see if they are thriving. Remove spiky growths to see if the soil is still moist. If it is look for plants that grow on rocks in the same bed. This will tell you which plants have died and can be discarded. If you notice a problem look for a similar looking plant that does well in the same soil.

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Insects and Rock Plants

Most rock plants are not bothered by most insects. One exception is bugs that feed off of fungus and plants that grow on rocks. These bugs will destroy your rock plants unless you get the right kind of rocks in your yard. Most plants that grow on rocks do quite well without insects, fungi, or even animals chewing at them. This makes this a nice place for families with kids that like to rearrange plants in their yard.